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Prof. Mujahid Hussain Bukhari Principal(Government Jinnah Islamia College)

Principal's Message

Dear Students and Viewers!


Govt. Jinnah Islamia Graduate College is a wonderful place for talented youngsters from all backgrounds to study and achieve success. I am extremely fortunate that my predecessors have already set the stage for further development of important new initiatives. In this regard, BS in 12 disciplines, namely, Botany, Chemistry, Economics, Islamic Studies,English, Urdu, Maths, Physics, Political Science, Zoology, BBA and Information Technology is going on successfully. This year, two more BS programs have been added, i.e,  BSCS and BS Education, all are affiliated with University of the Punjab. A big change in culture of the college started with the induction of female students in BS classes.

A variety of development work is underway which includes repair, maintenance and renovation of computer lab, class rooms, main hall, staff room, general offices, and moreover, revival and renovation of college library. A new auditorium has also been established with the support of Pak Army's Maj. General Muhammad Zafar Iqbal. This Fatima Jinnah Auditorium was inaugurated by Honourable Minister for Higher Education Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfraz, on December 9, 2020. Furniture for the auditorium was donated by a philanthropist Syed Mukhtar Hussain Shah.

An upper storey of Irfani Block, comprising of six class rooms, have been constructed with the help and monetary support of philanthropists and alumni led by Khawar Anwar Khawaja sb.

The prospectus of the college with entirely new look and design has also been published and uploaded on college website.

I look forward to work under the unbrella of the Punjab Higher Education Department and the local leadership to further strengthen the college’s service to our society.

Your ideas are always welcome, and I urge you to contact me with any suggestion you may have, for the advancement of the college, in the present and the future.



Prof. Mujahid Hussain Bukhari
PhD in Chemistry [PU/Oxford, UK]

Govt. Jinnah Islamia college Sialkot owes its existence to sublime ideals and philanthropic approach on the part of Anjumna-e-Islamia, Sialkot chapter in response to divine injunction to impart academic excellence. This prestigious institution is situated amidst the hub of medical activities flanked by thickly populated area outreaching cantonment and suburban areas of Sialkot. since its inception, this college has lived up to the expectations of community which contributed to its being and pioneers who toiled to make their dream of Muslims sponsored education institution a living reality.

The ancestors of founder of the college Molvi Muhammad Shafi belonged to Gujranwala city. In 1902, they migrated to Sialkot and settled in Mohallah Kharasia permanently. Molvi Muhammad Shafi established a primary school, madrassa and orphanage. His efforts for education and reformation bore fruits which resulted into the establishment of Anjuman-e-Islamia, Sialkot. This Anjuman organized a 13 members committee on May 22nd, 1939 to ensure the initial arrangements for the establishment of Islamia College, Sialkot. After continuous and strenuous struggle of 12 years, Madr-e-Millat Miss. Fatima Jinnah herself graced the occasion on May 4th, 1951 to inaugurate this institution which was singular in nature and unique in form. The principal of Calcutta College, Khan Bahadur Prof. Muhammad Yousuf Hashmi joined college, on the request of Anjuman, as first principal. The place where college is situated and inaugurated was known earlier Kocha Dilbran. Some eight professors joined as first staff of college on August 3rd, 1951. Owing to academic excellence within three years of its inception, the college was affiliated with University of the Punjab vide Letter No. 1071-g. The construction of new building of college was started on August 16th, 1955.

This college also backed Pakistan Movement. Before and after the establishment of Pakistan, college continuously funded and provided loan to Molana Zafar Ali Khan’s daily Zamindar so that the publication of newspaper might not be interrupted. On the sad demise of Molana Zafar Ali Khan on December 14th, 1957 his son Molana Akhtar Ali Khan was informed by Anjuman that the amount of debt worth Rs.25000/- had waived off.

The construction of auditorium named after “Khawaja Hakim Din” was started on May 22nd, 1963 which also increased the land of college from one acre to eight acre. During Indo-Pak war 1965, when system of city was paralyzed then college decided to help war-ridden people. The college framed policy on November 20th, 1965 to heal the wounds of war and imparted free education to the students of Sialkot and adjacent villages who bore inflictions of war on their soul and body. The deputy commissioner was informed in writing when this institution waived off Rs.30000/- fees of students. So this was the only degree college of Sialkot which presented wonderful example of self-sacrifice, nation-building and humanism through free education. Press and publication department of college was established on June 15th, 1966 and this department issued first pamphlet of college admission on July 10th, 1966. Since then, the department and college are imparting their role to promote education. When Pakistan was established then founding father of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, said, “Education is a matter of life and death for Pakistan”. Since 1951, college administration, teaching and non-teaching staff are the guardians of the above said saying in the field of education.

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Honourable Former Principals

                   The Motto of this College derives its essence from a verse of Sura Ta'ha in the Holy Quran which asserts to seek knowledge. In the insignia of the college,

•   Whitish background symbolizes hope.

•   Flambeau is the representation for the pursuit of knowledge.

•   Green belt below and the clusters of wheat symbolize the fertile land of Punjab.

•   In the bottom of insignia five blue lines indicate the five rivers of Punjab.

•   Two minarets of the fort of Sialkot symbolize the past glory and dignity of the city Sialkot.

•   In the centre of the insignia open book and the crescent star symbolize Islam and the ideology of Islam.


                   To dedicate the name of this historical Alma Mater as Jinnah Islamia College Sialkot aims at to pay tribute to our great leader and benefactor Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for his day and night untiring efforts for Pakistan.



                   The mission of Govt. Jinnah Islamia College, Sialkot is to provide innovative educational environments, opportunities, and experiences that enable individuals, communities, and the region to grow, thrive, and prosper. The College’s Mission is closely linked with education goals of Punjab Higher Education Department. Briefly stated, the College achieves its mission and purposes by following understated objectives.

  • To provide environment conducive to both learning and teaching aptly compatible to the seething demands of the day.
  • To provide quality education in a peaceful academic atmosphere.
  • To facilitate the students access to the field of research and scholarship.
  • To cater the academic needs of the students.
  • To foster integrity, tolerance and human values among the young students.
  • To promote religious and moral values among the architects of the nation.
  • To promote and strengthen patriotic feeling for our motherland
  • To groom and train the students on healthy and decent tracks.
  • To continue the process of infusing Islamic spirit in the budding youth and ensure personal growth of its Alumni.
  • To promote the ideas of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah & Khatoon-e-Pakistan, Mohterma Fatima Jinnah.


Admission Notice Intermediate Examination 2021

Fee deposit in BoP Paris Road, Sialkot = 11 to 16 January

Form completion and submission = 21 to 23 January 1st Year

                                                 = 25 to 27 January 2nd Year



Admission in 8 BS disciplines has been closed. Classes started from 2nd November, 2020

However, admission in recently approved disciplines-URDU & POLITICAL SCIENCE is going on. Candidated having 600/1100 marks in intermediate can get admission on spot.


Second Merit List of all BS Programs for the year of 2020
Students on merit are advised to visit the concerned department on or before 12:00 p.m. till 20-10-2020 with original documents and fee for confirmation of their seat.


First Merit List of all Intermediate-I Programs for the year of 2020
Students on merit are advised to visit the office of Chairman Admission Committee on or before 12:00 p.m. till 20-10-2020 with original documents and fee for confirmation of their seat.


First Merit List of all BS Programs for the year of 2020
Students on merit are advised to visit the concerned department on or before 12:00 p.m. till 14-10-2020 with original documents and fee for confirmation of their seat.



Last date for applications: 10th October, 2020.
Those students who are aspiring admissions in #BS_Four_Year_Degree_Program_2020 can obtain their admission form from college office, website www.jinnahislamia.edu.pk or Facebook page. The college offers admission to the students on the basis of their Intermediate Part-II results. For further information call 052-9250173.
1st Merit list..................13-10-2020
2nd Merit List................15-10-2020
3rd Merit List.................19-10-2020
Start of Classes (I.A).....24-10-2020
(The college admn has right to revise the schedule without mentioning any reason.)



BS Botany--------------1st & 2nd September-----Rs. 7235/-

BS Chemistry----------3rd & 4th September-----Rs. 7235/-

BS Economics----------7th & 8th September-----Rs. 7115/-

BS Islamic Studies-----9th & 10th September-----Rs. 7115/-


Online classes for BS students are being started from Monday, May 11, 2020. Students are asked to download Zoom application on their mobile or laptop/PC and join class according to the time table.


Keep yourself prepared for lectures.

For any assistance, please consult your HoD or focal person Prof. Waris Ali Chand.



PU has asked BA/BSc students to provide their email addresses for online contact with them.

Pleae follow the link below for further detail




The students are advised to contact their teachers through GR and CR only and strictly avoid to contact directly to the teachers individually. No online classes are planned at this stage.
Any info regarding BS will be uploaded on website.


In a meeting today, some issues pertaining to the teaching of BS 2nd semester were discussed with the HoDs and classes/ subjects were assigned to the teachers. Details are available with HoDs. Concerned teachers are requested to manage study material for their class during summer vacations which are going on till May 31st. Advise the students to visit the college website www.jinnahislamia.edu.pk regularly for notices, news, helping material, etc.
The FB page https://m.facebook.com/Govt-Jinnah-Islamia-College-Sialkot-Official-105010221093928/?tsid=0.5338107730870669&source=result
is also functional.
Dr. Mujahid Bukhari

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20 February, 2024
ALUNMI GET TOGETHER 2024 ON SUNDAY, MARCH 3, 2024 AT 11 A. M TO 3 P. M Read More!
20 February, 2024
1st Convocation at Govt. Jinnah Islamia Graduate College is scheduled to be held in April tentatively. Read More!
03 September, 2023
New block inauguration 1 Read More!
03 September, 2023
New block inauguration Read More!