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  • 12 March, 2024
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  • 03 September, 2023
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Message of Dean of Science
Science is constantly evolving, driven by our fundamental curiosity in the world around us. It’s not just a source of new ideas, but a driver of disruptive innovation. And we at the Faculty of Science – the faculty, staff, and students – embrace this philosophy. The Faculty is committed to reconciliation amongst Indigenous peoples and all Pakistanis, especially as we look to our future together.
Our main duty of education and research in the Faculty of Science is the quest for truth. The learning required to approach to the truth is to understand the knowledge which our predecessors have already reached and to learn methods to investigate unreached areas. It is not easy to follow the path pioneered by our predecessors, but since the curriculum of each field of the Faculty of Science is well-developed and devised so that, if students could study fully actively, they will reach to the cutting edge efficiently with a solid understanding.
The curricula at the Faculty of Science are highly systematized as lectures and practical training subjects in each discipline. The systematically acquired knowledge is the source of wisdom for taking on new challenges. While science has evolved in each field, new challenges may have become more complex and require interdisciplinary wisdom.
The Faculty of Science, in this college, focuses on natural environment science and field science under a single Department of Science, the Faculty of Science consists of five major undergraduate fields (Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics & Zoology), and has the largest capacity of faculty members and students.
The majority of graduates go on to graduate schools, and after their final graduation from the Faculty, they work actively as engineers in science and engineering companies, science and mathematics teachers in high school and junior high school, and researchers and teachers in research institutes such as universities. Study in the Faculty of Science is the foundation of all science and has wide applicability. In addition, we emphasize career education and learn how science expertise is utilized in society with abundant examples. We would like to invite young people who are interested in science to find a course that suits them from the various choices in the Faculty of Science and explore the future of Science with us.

Syed Tasawar Ali

Assistant Professor